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Brass  :

Metal is any amalgam of copper and zinc; the extents of zinc and copper can be differed to make a scope of brasses with fluctuating properties. Take note of that in correlation bronze is essentially an amalgam of copper and tin. Regardless of this refinement, a few sorts of brasses are called bronzes. Metal is a substitutional combination. It is utilized for design for its brilliant gold-like appearance; for applications where low contact is required, for example, locks, gears, direction, ammo, and valves; for pipes and electrical applications; and widely in melodic instruments, for example, horns and ringers for its acoustic properties.

We specialize in manufacturing and supplying of premium quality brass metals, which can be availed in various grades like: (all these in tabular form)


  • ISS-407 / 1543 / 319 / 3488 / 320 / 291 / 4170 / 4413
  • MS 58-17760
  • BSS-2874 CZ 110 / 2874-CZ-111 / 2871-CZ- 126 / 249 / 218 / 2874 / 251

These brass metals can be availed in various shapes and sizes like Sheets, Plates, Strips, Coils, Foils, Shims, Angles, Round, Shaft, Square, Hexagonal, Wires, Rectangular, Wire Mesh, Perforated Sheets, Circles, Blocks, Rings, Hollow bar.

All the items may have any of the following characteristics:

Length - Standard length & Cut length as per requirement. Hardness – Soft, Hard, Half Hard, Quarter Hard Etc

Range Of Brass Sheet, Plates & Coils

  • Sheets, plates and coils – 0.1mm to 70mm and above 14'' x 48'' (356 mm x 1220 mm)
  • Sheets, plates and coils – 0.1mm to 70mm and above 14'' x 48'' (356 mm x 1220 mm)
  • Specification - CuZn37
  • Grade – C 2800, C 36500, C 44300, C 46400, C 61400, C 63000.


Free Cutting Brass, Leading Brass, Foreign Brass, Reviting Brass, Lead Free Brass, Hightensile Brass, Neval Brass, Gilding Brass, Red Brass, Low Brass, Catridge Brass, Yellow Brass, Basis Brass & Muntz Brass.


Round Hexagonals, Squares, Rods, Tubes, Sheets, Strips, Foils, Busbars, Plate, Flats, Wire, Tubings, Sections & Bushes.