Quality Policy


The core of everything world-class is 'Quality' and at Rameshwar Metal India, our commitment to quality applies to each product and each process. Our Research and Development facility is equipped with state-of-the-art facility to conduct metallurgical and mechanical tests to ensure highest standards of output. Our Qa Internation Certification Ltd amplifies our constant endeavors towards achieving effective Quality Management Systems.

On the materials procurement front, we ensure that our raw materials are sourced from only trusted vendors of international repute. We further assure the implementation of strict quality protocols at each step of our production process and conduct post production tests as well, to reinforce our commitment towards quality.

Our core qualitative approach is further strengthened by the fact that our products are offered after approval of renowned engineering consultants, Inspection agencies and statutory authorities like Lloyds Register, Bureau-Veritas, Tata Projects, Toyo Projects & Development India, IBR, SGS, RITES, Jacobs H & G and Bax-Counsel.


Eddy-Current Testing

This test is conducted to detect sub surface defects. It is carried out by using techno four flaw marking detection system on the entire length of the tubes as per the E426 with hole or notch standard.


Mechanical Testing

Mechanical Testing adheres to ASTM standards and is conducted for tensile testing, flaring, flanging, flattening, reverse bend lest, etc.


Hydro Test

We conduct 100% hydro testing on a hydraulic test bench using a high-pressure pump on all pipes & tubes. The tests also fully comply with ASTM A 249/ 13316 -1992 standards.


Air Under Water Test or Pneumatic Test

Even though this type of test is a supplementary requirement, we still conduct this test on all the tubes that we manufacture. We test our products by blowing compressed air into them to ensure there are no leaks or incomplete weldings.


Ultrasonic Testing

We also offer our clients the facility of off-line Ultrasonic Testing. For this purpose, we have an in-house four-probe water emulsion system with a microprocessor unit to detect inconsistent process flow. In addition, the system can also mark the detected areas by spraying. We can provide facility to measure ferrite content, micro structure examination for grain size determination, and other such tests to fully satisfy our clients.


Chemical Testing

We carry out a full chemical testing of tubes and pipes as per the ASTM standards, on the latest optical Emission Spectrometers.


Radiography Testing

We can provide our clients with radiography testing facilities with an X-Ray unit that is at a short distance of 5 Kilometers form our unit. 5 Km Vicinity of plant.


Corrosion Testing

To find out the susceptibility of products to intergranular corrosion attack or to measure rate of corrosion, we conduct the IGS test as per A-262 practice A B C or E in our NABL accredited laboratory or at any other independent laboratory as per the requirements of our clients.


Visual Inspection

For surface finish, dimension, checks on edges and the length are carried out on 100% tubes. Test ensures the straightness of the tubes as per the ASTM standards.